Meet Lacey Davis

Hey there, I’m Lacey Davis.

Where do I begin! First, the name “Stacey Goods” evolved from myself + my husband’s name, Stan. Stan + Lacey = Stacey. I started my wedding planning business in Sonoma County when “Brangelina” was a thing, which is how I came up with the name. My husband is my rock and we’ve been together for over 14 years.

When we married in Hawaii, it rained on our wedding day, but we carried on and had an unforgettable time. I can’t help but wish that I had a clone of myself to be my planner.  That was my final sign of becoming a full-time wedding planner; so that I can protect you, make sure that everything is seamless, and, most importantly, that your wedding experience exceeds your dreams and expectations.

You can expect that we’ll become close during the course of planning. You’ve probably been thinking about your wedding day, for your entire life. I’ll be right by your side and holding your hand, to make dreams a reality.

When I plan your wedding, I’ll become your friend, mentor, therapist, and protector. I’ll take the best care of you from the moment we meet until your rentals are returned.




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